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Thin Lizzy "Still Dangerous"
Steaming Along For A Ride Of Non-Stop Rock Music!

Thin Lizzy’s seminal double live album “Live & Dangerous” is consistently featured in polls as one of the greatest live albums of all time. But, in addition to the live elements there are also overdubs and post production across the album. March 2nd 2009 see’s the release of the “Still Dangerous”, the real “Live & Dangerous”!

“Still Dangerous” is the raw, unadulterated, untouched sound of Thin Lizzy at the absolute height of their powers. Recorded on the band’s sell out 1977 “Bad Reputation” tour, “Still Dangerous” captures the classic quartet of Lynott, Downey, Gorham and Robertson on fire at the celebrated Tower Theatre in Philadelphia.

Still Dangerous Cover Image

The album features tracks that never made the “Live & Dangerous” release and all cuts are previously unreleased. The album was mixed by the legendary Glyn Johns (The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Eagles, Led Zeppelin), with contributions from Scott Gorham.

“Still Dangerous” is the definitive live statement from one of rock’s most revered and enduring groups. The recordings that make up “Still Dangerous” were discovered by accident in an overlooked band lockup - a happy accident for Thin Lizzy fans and music fans in general as it is set to become an essential addition to the legacy of one of rocks greatest ever acts. The album is fully endorsed by Phil Lynott’s estate and the band.

“Still Dangerous” is the first release on the “Thin Lizzy Productions” label
Distributed by Proper Music Distribution.
US Distributed by VH1 Classics.


What's going on???
The myth created by record companies of old that if you played in a band you had a chance to become rich and famous is now all but dead.

It may have been a somewhat deceptive ploy, but this myth did encourage a vast number of young people to form a variety of good and not so good garage Pop / Rock bands.

These poor hopeful souls spent their entire youth hanging out with spotty mates, writing songs and playing music that related to their lives. It came from the heart and proclaimed the pressures, pleasures and observations they faced as they were consumed by adult society.

All they lived for was to be stars like the pop idols they admired and emulated. True the music they made wasn’t always good, but it was real and served as an endless source of inspiration and ideas for the industry to utilise.

From that innocent, but fertile culture an enormous wealth of raw talent emerged and in turn - with a little help and guidance from the business – helped create an industry to be proud of.

Today the bedroom has replaced the garage and with it comes the lonesome Techno Geek creating a hybrid rehash of the past. This in itself is healthy, but falls way short of what it takes to create a long lasting charismatic Pop star.

For young people to want to create music for themselves they need to be given something to aspire to - something cool, real and achievable. Becoming an all singing all dancing pop puppet hardly looks attractive once you’ve passed the age of 10 and few producers can be called charismatic.

Record companies please, please give us a break and find something new with substance and long term potential. It’s out there - gagging for it, but it needs your encouragement and the belief that it can somehow find a place in your stagnant over produced flea circus.

Real music executives know only too well what the show is all about. Ultimately it’s your responsibility. Don’t let it die.

Boris, UK -


Just when you thought it was safe, New York City rock guitarist Adam Bomb is returning to the UK  for a 55 date tour. The Adam Bomb Get Animal 2004 Tour is starting on September 8th and will be running through November 11th. Adam along with his three piece band consisting of new drummer Bobby Reynolds & bassist Gorka Alegre, are touring to support the career compilation release Bone Yard on Liverpool based Z Records.

Known for his work with Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones and collaborations with other superstar musicians such as Mick Taylor of The Rolling Stones & Cliff Williams of AC DC, Adam Bomb is one of the hardest working rock acts in the world, playing over 100 shows in the UK during 2004.

During October, the band will be playing 4 shows in Spain opening for Hanoi Rocks who had Adam play guitar on their comeback album. After the second leg of the UK tour, Adam will be doing 5 shows in Italy before returning to Spain for a short headline tour. There is also talk of an acoustic tour in the UK during December making 2004 one busy year.
In a world of prefabricated pop groups & musical candy bars, Adam Bomb continues his non-stop campaign to promote real rock 'n' roll & the electric guitar. With enough lights & flash that you might expect to see at a Presidential Convention, the band somehow manages to pack a stadium size performance into a small club. Rarely taking a day off, the band always gives 100% and plays every show like it's their last night on earth. Those who attend are promised to witness a high energy guitar spectacular like never before. For the moment rock 'n roll is alive and kicking.

For more detailed information on the career history of Adam Bomb, please go to www.AdamBomb.com

HLMoore, USA -

red sleep II
...and I pray for you that you open up your mind and see,- there is sins years a specielly ashole (one off them) next to you -- an alien - vampir (he looks like each normal human) ....don`t believe it???...i`ts better for you - course when you wi`ll know the hold through you will go nuts....I mean this fucking space - monkey who called :
for the time that we can spend together they want a higher price that you can ever pay or believe:::::::: my soul for yours.........that was the deal......BUT::: YOU see and FEEL ,---you got yours back - and I `AM ALIVE !!!!
and they knows that....----now the time changes.......a new game......
the hunting to take all my sens - don`t works anymore

soon my GODfather will hunt thoose monkeys

gabreil, berlin-munich -
red sleep english version
a red hair guy makes me and himself in 1996 unlucky. now he sings sins this time about this story and all this shit was happen there ! and he believes its no problem to get him and save him again. what do you think this,- is the planet called earth -its impossible and cant come to you and knock at your door - cant you see tha reality - when do you went the last time to a concert like wny each people - ten years ago???!!!of course its was a hug mistake off myselv to run away and you`re right i was afraid...but this was not my plan - there was no plan for all the things thas was happens between you and me...and the biggest shit off all: you can bring out your sadness in songs ..-and me??? i just can put all my pain and sadness in this letter to nowhere...and believe i pray for you

gabriel, munich-berlin -

Do you like bands like royksopp,moby or Dj's like fat boy slim?
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twiglet, norwich -
acoustic rock band Gaia land third sky tv appearance
acoustic rock band Gaia from south yorkshire, have just appeared for the third time on sky tv's men and motors. they are playing three tracks off their forthcoming album "Soulwind" due out in 2003. if you havent checked out the latest news and gig info then visit www.gaiacontrol.4dw.com and find a treat in the making.

erbz, barnsley -
Nathan Payant Signs Record Deal
Chad Sharp chad@sharpmusic.com
(605) 996 0232

For photos and other requests email : nathan@sharpmusic.com

Nathan Payant Signs with C-Sharp Productions

(Mitchell, SD)--- Independent record label, C-Sharp Productions has announced the
signing of singer/songwriter Nathan Payant. Payant is a native of Redfield, SD.

“The first time I watched Nathan audition for us, I knew I wanted to sign him,” C-Sharp
president Chad Sharp says.

Sharp said Payant’s style is, “Like John Mayer meets James Taylor in a coffee shop.”
Work has begun on Payant’s debut CD which will be released either late 2002, or early
2003. It will features original songs written by Payant and produced by C-Sharp.

“Nathan writes love songs. You can tell they come from his heart. You can tell it is real
emotion behind what he does,” Sharp said.

Payant has ben performing for a number of years in coffee houses. He has share dthe
stage with bands and artists like Ari Hest, Long Since Forgotten, and Pegtop. Payant also
has worked in musical theatre holding down lead roles.

One of the first tracks completed from his CD “Like a Child” is now available online at
www.mp3.com/nathanpayant . It is a reflection on simpler times when we were children,
which for Payant wasn’t that long ago. He is 21 years old, and currently attends Northern
State University in Aberdeen, SD.

C-Sharp Productions has 3 signed artists, Christina Bulatao, Jessica Leigh and now
Nathan Payant. The company started in 1996 as a music production company and has
grown into artist development and promotion. All of the companies artists can be
reached at the label website www.sharpmusic.com.


Email nathan@sharpmusic.com to get photos.

Chad Sharp, Mitchell, SD -
new VH1 / MTV show

My name is Michael Winter, and I am producing a show for VH1 called "A Night With". It is about people who spent the night with or have had meaningful "experiences" with rock stars.

Right now we are scouring the globe looking for those great stories, positive or negative, that need to be told on American TV.

Do you have an experience? Any leads would be gratefully appreciated! Please call me at 212-779-0500 x215. Or email me at michael.winter@cameraplanet.com.


Michael Winter, New York City -

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